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Fluency Translation Suite

Fluency Translation Suite comes in a wide variety of offerings to suit your needs. Each version of Fluency allows you to translate in any of the ISO 639-2 standard languages. In addition, Fluency has built-in terminology sets to assist you in your translations.All other Fluency software is based off of this revolutionary CAT tool. Click below to learn more about each topic.

Fluency Freelancer is an easy to learn, stand-alone program that focuses on the individual translator. Fluency Freelancer provides all the normal functions and advantages of Fluency, but cannot connect to a Fluency TM & Term Server and does not interface with the FluencyFlow translation project management system. Try a free Demo.

Fluency Professional provides all the normal functions and advantages of Fluency, plus, many more features and benefits. Fluency Professional allows for access to the Fluency TM & Term Server and Collaboration Server. Fluency Professional will also interface directly with FluencyFlow. Fluency Professional also provides built-in proofreading software, and project and document statistics. Try a free Demo.

Fluency Floating Licenses allow any translator globally to work with your company and sync up to your Fluency Server tools. It can be instantly deactivated and reissued to another translator, no matter their location. Fluency Floating Licenses will help you cut your translation costs and help your company to grow.


  • Simple yet powerful interface gets you going quickly and easily
  • Supports all major translation file formats
  • Terminology available in over 35 language pairs
  • Integrated browsers provides dynamic web resources
  • Easily add and manage your personal terminology
  • Intuitive interface reduces eyestrain
  • Online resources a click away
  • Translator suggested features added regularly
  • Automatic updates give you the latest features
  • Supports major terminology, Source and Target formats


Integrated Terminology is available in over 35 languages. Fluency integrates into one interface, some of the largest multilingual terminology databases in the world. These extensive dictionaries provide a quick reference that is dynamically updated as the translation proceeds.


  • Provides full translation memory management
  • Provides full personal terminology management
  • Synchronized, easy-to-use tools: all you need, all in one place
  • Integrated terminology: both bilingual and monolingual dictionaries
  • Auto Research Resources: Highlight a word and get unprecedented, instantaneous access to dictionaries, translation memories, web search engines, and machine translation sites; one click then lets you apply just the right word(s) to your translation
  • Focus on translating: your document’s format is automatically preserved
  • Alignment Tool: create translation memories from past translation projects
  • Use Transcription and OCR tools to convert image-only scans to text for Fluency

Fluency’s easy-access resource tabs make having a dozen open windows a thing of the past. Translators can easily navigate through extensive dictionary databases, online dictionaries, web searches, translation memories and more, all within a single interface. Users are free to organize the resource tabs to suit their workflow. In addition, four "My URL" tabs allow users to specify their own custom online references.


Fluency displays both the source text and the completed portion of the translation in text-editor-like panes so the translator can see the context of the segments. Fluency's WYSIWYG interface is a big step up from the grid-view of other translation products. The translator still translates one sentence at a time, allowing the translator to focus on the meaning of individual words and phrases. Clicking on a specific word also automatically populates the resources tabs with definitions, translation memories, web searches, and more.


Terminology tools in Fluency are truly revolutionary. Fluency allows the translator to import their personal terminology alongside the built-in terminology, add new terminology while translating, and enforce terminology rules. During translation, each segment is automatically analyzed for potential terms, which, in turn, makes resource research quick and easy.


  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft Translator Hub (Gold Partner)
  • Google
  • Systran
  • Language Weaver
  • / MyMemory


Operating System - Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, or later operating system
  *Fluency x64 requires Microsoft Windows Vista x64 or Microsoft Windows 7 x64
Microsoft .Net - Microsoft .Net 4.0
Browser Required - Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, Requires Internet Access
Processor Required - 1 GHz Processor; 2 GHz or faster recommended; Fluency has been optimized for multi-core processors.
Hard Disk - 1 GB
Memory Required - 1 GB RAM; 4 GB RAM recommended
Display Required - 1024 X 768 or greater